The GoldLine® sheet rubber range provides unparalleled wear performance in the most challenging abrasive slurry applications.

Arduous applications encountered throughout the mining and mineral processing industry are no exception. Dealing with abrasive process slurry is a daily challenge for mineral processing operations around the world. The need for plant availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 365 days of the year is paramount. GoldLine® Premium 38 rubber is a proprietary vulcanised natural rubber manufactured in sheet format developed to deliver outstanding wear performance in process slurry applications operating above ambient temperatures. Using high quality natural rubber, GoldLine® exhibits outstanding physical and mechanical properties resulting in superior performance in wet abrasive mineral slurry applications.

Trelleborg’s continued performance advantage across the rubber industry lies in our well proven, proprietary rubber formulations and state of the art rubber production facilities that have kept us ahead of the game since 1905. The wear performance of GoldLine® Premium 38 abrasion
resistant rubber sheeting from Trelleborg will keep your mineral processing operations ahead of the cost curve by reducing operational downtime with lower total ownership costs.

Lined Products

GoldLine® Premium 38 rubber range is not only durable. It is exceptionally versatile and a suitable selection for rubber lining a variety of steel surfaces exposed to slurry abrasion in mineral processing plants.

Typical lining applications in mineral processing applications include:

  • Cute lining 
  • Hopper lining
  • Launder lining
  • Vessel lining
  • Pipe spool lining
  • Tank lining
  • Agitation shafts & blades
  • Mill trunnions
  • Mill trommel frames
  • Screen underpans
  • Thickeners
  • Tailings pipework
  • Slurry hose

GoldLine® is applied to these surfaces to protect them from slurry abrasion using cold bonding adhesives and application techniques developed by Trelleborg. Available in a range of sheet rubber thicknesses it can be cut into any shape and bonded to steel surfaces requiring protection from slurry abrasion of any geometrical complexity. Supported by a worldwide network of technical experts. Trelleborg’s distributors and applicators are fully trained and qualified to complete rubber lining scopes of work to suit your requirements.

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