Keeping your plant
running smoothly.

A monthly maintenance audit is a proactive solution to plant reliability. With a careful assessment of your facility, we inspect belts, rollers, bearings, chute liners, conveyors, and cleaners. We will then be able to provide a detailed report that includes an actionable list of recommendations.

We conduct two monthly audits – one while your plant is operational and another when it’s not. You can plan work and ensure increased plant availability by addressing potential issues and implementing our recommendations. Breakdowns lead to lost production, so it’s best to plan and be proactive rather than reactive.

Conveyor safety audits

Elevating plant safety

We go beyond the surface and delve into the details, checking signage, guarding, plant cleanliness, and identifying safe and potentially unsafe areas.

We’ve witnessed injuries caused by a belt popping off because of the polyester rope used to pull the belt, and this was a perfect example of incorrect/unsafe materials. We quickly switched to a non-stretch material that guarantees safety even under tension. This commitment to safety enhanced our processes even further, always prioritising the team’s and customers’ well-being while on site.

Our knowledge in health and safety is your gain.

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Together we will work to create a safer, more efficient and thriving industrial environment.


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