No injuries to anyone, ever.

Employee health and safety are one of our prime objectives and will not be compromised in the company’s operations.

Occupational Health and Safety Mission Statement:

The management of Applied Conveyor and Polymers Ltd. shall, as far as practicable, provide a safe and healthy work environment for all customers, employees, contractors and visitors. In doing so, we shall strive to reach our target of: No injuries to anyone, ever.

This means we must get it right on time every time. We are confident that our products represent the best value solutions for our clients, and so we continue to invest in the development of our people with training and new and innovative products that keep us ahead of our competition.”


Applied Conveyor is committed to protecting community living standards and the environmental heritage of future generations.

In accepting its responsibility as a corporate member of the community, Applied Conveyor seeks to conduct a profitable business that demonstrates its commitment to protecting the quality of air, water and soil environment. Applied Conveyor will seek to minimise the environment impact of all operations.

This policy will be achieved by an environment management program which will…

  • Ensure compliance with legislation and any other relevant environmental requirements.
  • Maintain monitoring programs to review performance of the management program.
  • Maintain plant and equipment which protects the environment by installing appropriate treatment apparatus to control discharges to air, water and soil.
  • Implement waste minimisation and proper waste handling procedures. Continually reassess the potential for waste reduction and the efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • Educate and motivate all personnel by ensuring they are instructed on proper work procedures particularly for the disposal of waste and emergency spill containment.
  • Expect similar standards from third parties such as suppliers, contractors and customers.
  • Maintain a reporting system which keeps the management advised of important environmental information.
  • Involve the community, where appropriate, on environment issues that may effect them.
  • Include environmental considerations in investment decisions.

Fenner Conveyor Australia Quality Policy

Fenner (Australia) provides conveyor belting, rubber products and services to the mining industry and commercial and government bodies. Particular emphasis is placed upon our expertise, reliability, capability, experience and quality.

The Company is a leading manufacturing, supply and servicing organisation, and our objectives include our commitment to retaining and continuing our position by improving our quality products and services in a manner which satisfies customer requirements and expectations and provides measurable money for value.

Reviews of these objectives and the continued suitability of the Quality System will be conducted regularly. To support our commitment to Quality, we have implemented the principles of ISO 9001 to all facets of our Company. We ensure this policy is understood and maintained at all levels of Fenner (Australia).

Management will create an environment in which each employee understands the importance of meeting the expectations of internal and external customers and regulatory and legal requirements and will contribute to the improvement and long-term success of Fenner (Australia).