Case studies

Case studies were carried out to ensure customers actually saw and understood the savings they were making. Due to the complexities of managing and maintaining a processing site, the actual annual cost of conveyor maintenance is often not clear.

The only visible cost is the initial purchase cost and not the cost over time.

Applied has worked with customers to show the savings that can be made over the life of their belts. A cheap belt up front ends up costing up to three times more in the long run, even before calculating in downtime and loss of production.

To further reduce costs for customers, Applied carries out regular inspections to ensure there are no nasty surprises. Belts that are well worn and have exceeded their service life expectations are removed and replaced on scheduled maintenance stops to reduce production loss and improve plant availability.

The only cost visible should be the investment and saving over time.

Conveyor belting over time can be one of the larger costs associated with a processing site and often it is one of the most regular costs. Applied have successfully helped customers over several years to reduce their operating costs so they can enjoy a better return from investment. Let us help you save your business valuable maintenance dollars.


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