Duracon® is your fit for purpose belt suitable for operations looking for an economical solution.

Duracon® is a fit-for-purpose, cost-effective alternative belt range backed by Fenner’s comprehensive warranty and manufacturing expertise.


⇒ Mining
⇒ Processing
⇒ Ports
⇒ Quarry
⇒ Agriculture


⇒ Coal
⇒ Iron Ore
⇒ Sand
⇒ Hard Rock
⇒ Grain

Duracon® Features

  • Fit for purpose
  • High cover strength
  • Low elongation
  • Low abrasion loss
  • High impact, wear and cut & gouge resistance
  • Exceeds Australian Standards AS1332

Assured Quality

  • Superior materials
  • Fenner manufacturing expertise
  • Meticulous commitment to testing and quality control

Peace of mind

  • Backed by Fenner warranty and reputation
  • Supported by our team of engineers and trained conveyor experts
  • Reliable after sales service



  • Duracon® is a cost effective alternative to our premium range of belt
  • Manufactured in long runs to achieve economies of scale
  • Lower your costs per tonne

Ready to install

  • Stock available at our national network of service centres
  • Splicing service – hot or cold
  • After hours service

If Duracon® is what you need, contact our team here.