Belt Cleaners

MUR1 Vee Plough Belt Cleaner

The MATO MUR1 Plough Type Belt Cleaner is a proven design that offers effective cleaning of the return belt, ease of maintenance and installation.Features: Profiled urethane, replaceable, blade offers effective cleaning and protection of return pulley. Unique urethane...

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MCR2 Diagonal Plough Belt Cleaner

The MATO MCR2 Diagonal Plough has all the same features as the MCR1 Plough above. However, one blade assembled to the unit is designed to cover the entire width of the conveyor belt. This unit allows for all the materials removed by the plough to be deposited to the...

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MCR1 Vee Plough Belt Cleaner

The MATO MCR1 Vee Plough is an economical free floating returns plough and is best suited to be installed prior to any returns belt pulley, tail pulley or loop take up installations. The MCR1 has a robust construction, allowing for easy installation and recovery. The...

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Secondary Belt Cleaners

MCS2The MATO MCS2 Belt Cleaning Unit is a multi-bladed inline system. Each blade is individually mounted with a rubber tensioning cushion to ensure even blade pressure and constant tip contact across the belt surface. The cleaner is designed to be slim-lined to fit...

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MUP2 Polyurethane Belt Cleaner

The MATO MUP2 Unique Belt Cleaning System is an aggressive head drum Cleaner removing the bulk of the carryback material to return this to the main flow of product being conveyed. The MATO Patented Uni Mount System allows each side of the cleaner to act independently...

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MCP1 Primary Belt Cleaner

The MATO MCP1 Belt Cleaning Unit is an aggressive head drum cleaner consisting of a multiple blade section, in line, mounted just under the Tangential centre line of the head pulley, to remove the bulk of the carryback material to return to the main flow of product...

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