The MATO MUP2 Unique Belt Cleaning System is an aggressive head drum Cleaner removing the bulk of the carryback material to return this to the main flow of product being conveyed. The MATO Patented Uni Mount System allows each side of the cleaner to act independently of the other, thus providing the even distribution of cleaner blade pressure on the belt while allowing the blade to follow any variation in the belt surface. The unique concept of the MATO

MUP2 Belt Cleaner is such that the individual cleaner blades are independent, to ensure even blade pressure across the face of the head drum.

Polyurethane Blades: The MUP2 Cleaner has multiple Polyurethane grades available. They can be used in Underground Coal Mines with stringent fire resistant, antistatic requirements, as well as surface applications with aggressive products being conveyed, to high temperature or even food grade applications.


  • Easy blade replacement
  • Outstanding performance on sticky material
  • Clog-free operation
  • Various polyurethane blade options
  • Multi -bladed
  • Suitable for use with mechanical fasteners

MATO has also recently incorporated a Polyurethane Blade suitable for very dry applications with the Polyurethane Blade being used having its own inbuilt lubrication element to reduce the chances of chattering whilst running on dry conveyor belts.