Belt centering solution

Widely used in the mining industry and other conveyor-related industries, the SureGuide® responds instantly to the misalignment of the belt and does so without special modifications to the structure.

The SureGuide® accommodates belts ranging from 450 – 2300mm.

Frame and guide rollers are often the cause of belt damage, which reduces the lifetime of the belt. The SureGuide® requires little or no maintenance and fits into a standard drop bracket. The SureGuide® belt Centralising Return Pulley can be manufactured to suit all belt sizes in operation. Special design requirements, such as specific shaft dimensions and lengths, are possible at little or no additional charge.

Design and manufacture:

The SureGuide® is a quality product that is made of precision – turned C.N.C. components. Special hardened steels and other alloys ensure that the SureGuide® performs optimally over an extended period of time.


  • Prevents belt damage
  • Prevents structural damage
  • Reduces downtime
  • Saves you money

How does it work?

SureGuide Return Trainer prevents belt damage, common from standard tracking systems, and reduces structure damage by keeping the belt aligned and running true.

The roller sits in the normal return roller bracket, and pivots on a centre pin which sits at a 45° angle enabling the roller to move both horizontally and vertically.

As with an old balancing scale, when the belt moves off-centre, the weight and tension of the belt will be displaced to the side it has moved, causing the roller to tilt down on this side.

The tilt action causes the roller to pivot vertically, however due to the angle of the centre pin this vertical movement also translates into horizontal movement misaligning the roller to the belt running direction and opposite to the misalignment of the belt. This then guides the belt back to centre due to the friction between lagging and belting rubber. This is shown below.

The roller will only steer the belt as far as the belt is misaligned. Tracking is directly proportional to misalignment.

Advantages of SureGuide are:

Its function never fades over time as the entire mechanism of the system is inside the roller and cannot wear.

The bearings run in an oil bath, thus prolonging the life of the roller since the bearings are continually washed and pollution coming into the roller will not seize up the roller as would the case be in grease-seale bearings.

The SureGuide® (unlike other self-aligning rollers) is a fully serviceable unit and carries a 2 year warranty on all parts excluding the rubber lagging. A standard SureGuide can be returned to Fenner Dunlop for re-conditioning at a price much lower than a new one.

Selecting the SureGuide® Return Trainer

  • For belt widths of 450mm to 1200mm, use Series 30
  • For belt widths of 1200mm to 1800mm, use Series 40 or 50

Non-standard or heavy duty applications

For wider belt applications, or where excessive loads and/or high belt speeds are involved, please contact your local Fenner Dunlop branch for a customised solution and provide the following information:

  • Belt Width
  • Belt Class
  • Belt Top Cover
  • Belt Bottom Cover
  • Belt Speed
  • Tonnes Per Hour

Fitting to existing return roller brackets

Generally, the SureGuide® Return Trainer can be fitted to existing return roller brackets with very little or no bracket modification required. It is important to note, however, that once installed, the SureGuide® will need to deflect the return belt strand by 25mm so that the internal tracking mechanism will function correctly.


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