We can offer a range of basalt, zirconium corundum, high alumina ceramic and silica carbide ceramic linings. These linings offer extremely high abrasion resistance and at temps up to 100°C.

Flex-Lag Light-Duty Lagging is ideal for compact pulleys and most light-duty applications. Specially designed for pulleys having diameters as small as 2” (50mm). Moisture is channelled between small raised buttons that support and grip the belt, delivering the extra traction to drive your belt.

Wear resistant liners

Features bulk material movement involving sliding, very often causes heavy wear of the equipment used, resulting in damage to equipment,  lower reliability, production losses, and lower capacity utilisation. Installation of ceramic liners is a solution and is a necessity where equipment availability and low operating costs are essential.

CUMI manufactures weldable and pastable alumina ceramic tiles that can be bonded onto the surface to be protected from wear. Apart from standard sizes, we offer both types of tiles pre-engineered to suit specific equipment. CAD is used to ensure a good fit for the contours of the lining surface. CUMI’s pre-engineered tiles optimise the lining life and facilitate the best possible lining, even for complex profiles.

Typical applications:

  • Power Generation
  • Coal Mill (Inner Cone, Multiport outlet Valve, Mill Discharge Valve, Mill Dia Lining, Orifices, Ventury Vanes)
  • Bends (Transitions & Y-Pieces)
  • Ash Handling (Bends & Slurry Pipes)

Lined equipment

Features CUMI offers fabricated steel lined pipes with ceramics as per customers’ requirement. Both the steel and ceramic are designed together, ensuring a proper fit. The lining is the completed at our well equipped facility, resulting in the best possible lining quality among all wear products. Ceramic lined equipment is reliable, rugged, ready to install, facilities quick replacement, and gives a trouble-free life.

Typical applications:

  • Cyclone seperators used in coal washeries and mineral handling are subject to severe abrasion and suffer heavy wear. Our cyclones and cyclone components are your best option for low downtime, high reliability and consistent performance throughout its long life.
  • Pulverized fuel bends
  • Cement industry


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