Advanced ceramics technology.

CUMITUFF Advanced Technical Ceramics have proven to be a reliable cost effective solution for wear prevention in bulk material transfer for the last 20 years in the Australasian market. CUMI manufactures complete fabricated components lined with pre-engineered high purity alumina ceramic linings to suit almost any application. Our ceramic lining is pre-engineered, designed with 3D modeling to a tight interlocking fit ensuring full contact through the full thickness of the liner with no diverging gaps. This is critical for a long life, maintenance free ceramic lining which is far superior to those achieved with standard off-the-shelf tiles.

Safety & Savings

The benefits of CUMITUFF Advanced Technical Ceramics are increased production rates, less downtime, improved safety and the substantial cost savings at the end user which are essential in today’s business environment.

The CUMI Advantage

We will work with you to ensure that you get the right solution for your wear problem. Whether you are starting up a new plant or refurbishing an old one, we can develop solutions to meet your needs.

Quality: Manufacturer with well-established and certified international processes
Precision: Consistency in manufacturing and quality assurance
Solutions: Experienced and technically sound providing engineering, design and customer support team
Consistency: Ensuring your needs are met, first time, every time
Reputation: High quality products & solutions at affordable prices

CUMI’s advanced technical ceramics are formulated to provide maximum protection against abrasive wear and will outlast traditional liners such as basalt, rubber, Nihard and ceramic compounds many times over.

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