Prevents base failure, dust pollution and soil erosion, increasing soil strength and reduces permeability.

Top-Seal White is an all-purpose liquid soil stabiliser and additive that binds and transforms the base into a solid, yet flexible mass that resists fracturing. It prevents base failure, dust pollution and soil erosion, and it increases soil strength and reduces its permeability

Field-testing with the Texas Department of Transportation has revealed that Top-Seal White’s strength is comparable to that of cement stabilization. Other tests have shown that its resistance to moisture significantly exceeds Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Top-Seal White is a polymer-based emulsion that requires water dilution. It is non-petroleum-based and eco-friendly, evaporating only water during the curing process and emitting no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It does not contain solvents or cause damage to roads or vehicles. It is easily applied, requiring no special equipment or handling procedures.

Top-Seal White binds and stabilises paved and unpaved roads, providing benefits such as:

  • Eliminating the need for watering haul roads
  • Reducing surface permeability
  • Stopping dust pollution

Main applications:

  • Aircraft Runways
  • Hydroseed & Hydromulch Tackifier
  • Base Stabilisation
  • Landfill Capping & Reclamation
  • BMX Tracks
  • Livestock
  • Bunker Liners
  • Military Convoy & Tank Trails
  • Cart Paths
  • Mine Tailings Capping & Reclamation
  • Coal Rail Car Capping
  • Odor & Vapor Suppression
  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots
  • Dust Control
  • Roads
  • Farms & Ranches
  • Shoulders
  • Foundations
  • Slope Erosion Control
  • Golf Courses
  • Stockpile Dust Capping
  • Hazardous Material Capping & Sealing
  • Temporary Roads & Detours
  • Heavy Haul Roads & Mining Roads
  • Walking Trails & Paths
  • Helicopter Landing Pads
  • Water Retention Basins & Pond Linings
  • Horse Farms & Arenas


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