Terra Fog extends the service life of asphalt pavements and forestalls drastic maintenance

Such as resurfacing and seal coating, by preventing water from infiltrating the base. Terra Fog penetrates the pavement and seals loose particles, thereby improving the pavement’s structural matrix. It also seals small cracks, coats loose surface particles, and defines and maintains road shoulders.

Terra Fog is calculated at a rate of 0.03 to 0.22 gal/sq yd (0.15 to 1.0 L/m2) of concentrate. Before applying, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly; this is best accomplished with a power broom or blower. For proper cohesion to occur, the surface should be both dry and above 61°F (16°C). To apply, simply dilute 1 part product with 5 parts water in a holding tank, then evenly distribute it over the asphalt. The optimal spraying temperature is between 68 and 140°F (20 and 60°C). Over-applying may result in a slippery surface and pickup by vehicles.

Terra Fog is a polymer-based emulsion that requires water dilution. It is non-petroleum-based and eco-friendly, evaporating only water during the curing process and emitting no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It does not contain solvents or cause damage to roads or vehicles. It is easily applied, requiring no special equipment or handling procedures. Terra Fog is patented by the University of Texas at Austin and licensed exclusively to Terra Pave International, Inc.

Terra Fog enriches and maintains dry asphalt pavements by:

  • Preventing asphalt oxidation
  • Renewing surface appearance
  • Sealing small cracks and loose particles
  • Strengthening the pavement’s structural matrix
  • Thermal cycling resistance -40° to +400°F (-4

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