Applied Conveyor and Polymers Ltd. Has established a supply and distribution arrangement with a well-established manufacturer specialising in the production and marketing of all sorts of light conveyor belts. The company’s main products include PVC, PU, PE, silicone, and rubber light conveyor belts, as well as processing machines and spare parts for conveyor belt production. It also offers professional consultancy services and technology support concerning conveyor belts to customers.

  1. The management system of the company has been certified by IS09000.
  2. The company is fully equipped with laboratory equipment for testing and quality inspection.
  3. The advanced, automatically controlled production equipment of the company guarantees a smooth production process, with a full record of the whole process, which is traceable.
  4. Every roll of the product has to go through strict tests on its physical properties, and sub-quality products are not allowed to go out of the factory. Every product has a sealed sample from its batch and hence is traceable.
  5. Raw materials must go through strict quality inspection before entering the factory, thus avoiding the use of sub-quality raw materials in production.
  6. A strict system has been set up for evaluating and selecting raw material suppliers.
  7. The company has an all-round product development team.

Applied Conveyor proudly distributes a range of lightweight belts.


F10 / F21051052 / F20 / F31

Most popular applications:

  • To convey foodstuff where there is presence of water, oily material and medium acidity.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.


R10 / R11

Most popular applications:

  • Belt for fresh dough and hot products.
  • Short belts for thermowelding machines and for accumulation and deviation of foodstuff.
  • Belt for brushing machines in the tanning industry.


    2 Ply Versatile White / 3 Ply Versatile

    Most popular applications:

    • Freezer and chiller conveyors
    • Meat works and boning belts
    • Medium temperature oven and drying tunnel conveyors
    • Inspection and grading belts

    General characteristics:

    • Long wearing and cut resistant
    • Good impact resistance
    • Approved for use with edible foostuffs
    • High strength polyester / nylon carcuss
    • Oil and fat resistant
    • Will elevate product at greater incline angles (+2) than PVC
    • Will operate on decks over rollers
    • Exhibits heat / cold resistant properties


    U10 AG / U20 / U21 05/05/02 / U31 / U35 / L10 LG

    Most popular applications:

    • Horizontal or slight slope conveying of single loads, bundles, tobacco, bulk products, wood, veneers.
    • Collection and conveying of agricultural products, fruits, bulk and abrasive products also in presence of water, emulsions and various fluids.
    • Loads on medium or long interaxial length.


    SW120 / SW150 / SW200 / SW350 / SW450

    General characteristics:

    • Tear resistant
    • General purpose covers
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Suitable for troughing
    • Black general purpose
    • Oil, water, chemical resistant
    • 120 inch lb rating
    • Skim friction PVC back
    solid woven belt


    General applications:

    • Slope conveying of single loads as packages, luggage, boxes etc.


    • 2 Ply Tan
    • 3 Ply Tan

    General characteristics:

    • Rough top serface
    • Black or Tan profile
    • Rubber profile
    • Excellent grip top
    • Low friction back
    • No marking tan
    • With friction back fabric


    SW120 White

    General characteristics

    • Continuous Profile
    • Food grade back
    • Colours – tan, white
    • PVC skin, polyester skim PVC
    • suitable to trough
    • Max width 1850mm
    • Smooth running


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