The sweetest handling belt in Australia’s Sugar Industry.

Apex Sugar FRAS belting has been formulated to provide the sugar industry with a cost-effective, fire-resistant and anti-static belt for cane, bagasse and sugar product handling. Apex Sugar FRAS belting meets the self-extinguishing and anti-static requirements for Grade K to ISO433 and AS1332. As part of the Apex Stock Belt Range, this belt is normally available from existing floor stock, so contact your local branch or distributor.

Pulley classifications

Type A – High tension, head, drive and tripper

Type B – Low tension, tail, bend and take-up

Type C – Low tension snub

Pulley diameters

Pulley diameters shown apply to belts operating at over 60% of maximum allowable working tension. Diameters of all pulleys must be reduced by 20% where belts are operating at less than 60% of allowable working tension. For belts at less than 30% of allowable tension, the diameters of Type A pulleys can be further reduced by 20%.

Working tensions

Working tensions assume a reasonably well-maintained plant, with infrequent controlled starts and moderate impact. For more severe service, ie: poor loading, frequently loaded or DOL starts, short time cycles, then reduce the above values by 15%. For extreme service, ie: poorly maintained plant, chemical aggression, bad loading and starting, then reduce the above values by 30%.


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