Designed to handle impact loads from very large and heavy lumps of rock and the massive loads of bulk ore feeders, BulkMaster uses a heavy PN450 double weave fabric with thick cushioning skims between each of its three plies. BulkMaster has excellent tear strength and fastener holding ability.

Pulley Diameters

Pulley diameters shown apply to belts operating at over 60% of maximum allowable working tension. Diameters of all pulleys must be reduced by 20% where belts are operating at less than 60% of allowable working tension. For belts at less than 30% of allowable tension, the diameters of Type A pulleys can be further reduced by 20%.

Working tensions

Working tensions assume a reasonably well maintained plant, with infrequent controlled Starts and moderate impact. For more severe service, ie: poor loading, frequent loaded or DOL starts, short time Cycles then reduce the above values by 15%. For extreme service, ie: poorly maintained plant, chemical aggression, bad loading and starting, then reduce the above values by 30%.

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