Kylie has been a part of the Applied Conveyor family for 12 years now. Kylie started as an administrator, but her role has evolved significantly. She has worn many hats, dealing with everything from creditors, debtors, payroll and H&S compliance. Initially, her focus was supporting the office team, however, numerous Health and Safety legislation changes happened, and it’s no longer just about paperwork and ticking boxes – it’s communication and what people are doing physically because employee participation is a lot of what health and safety is about.

Kylie has ensured a massive overhaul in H&S practices due to the company’s mining and quarry involvement. “Even now, health and safety is evolving and changing for the better”, explains Kylie.

Kylie is a problem solver, and she enjoys it. She’s dedicated to taking ownership of a challenge and using her skills to resolve it. Kylie especially values quality communication, as this plays a big part in getting things done.

“This company is more than just your typical workplace.”

Kylie values the wealth of knowledge present across the entire team. Whether it’s the office staff, factory workers, workshop team, or the crew out on the road, everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand. This spirit of collaboration enables the team to deliver outstanding service and keep doing what they’re good at.