Cruz wesley


Cruz is Oamaru’s workshop supervisor, the man who oversees the operations on the floor, overseeing Health and Safety, making sure there is a paper trail, and everything is completed on time and to a high standard. He is the “go-to” guy if any issues arise on a job.

In 2008, Cruz’s journey took a turn when an opportunity arose at the new Oamaru branch. A colleague Cruz previously worked with had joined Applied and needed a new team member. “Come work with us and do something different.” – Cruz embraced the offer to change and took the job.

Eight years later, Cruz wanted to try something new – mining. At the time, he knew many people in the mining industry. So he spent four years working hard at Oceania Gold, driving hall trucks for the first six months before moving to the processing plant.

Eventually, Murray approached Cruz and asked if he wanted to return to Applied and put his well-earned knowledge to good use to help further develop the Omaru branch.